The school, affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, emphasizes on all round development of the students in the fields academic, sports, Co-Curricular activities, general awareness etc. The school aims to provide quality school education to the students at an economical rate and help to increase the literacy rate in the region. The school has ambitious plan for future vision.

1.       To provide quality education with new ultra modern techniques. It shall provide all such facilities required from time to time to give practical and purposeful education to tiny tots.

2.       Construction is ongoing process. The school added more rooms with extra ordinary facilities for Sr. Secondary Streams. More stress will be given to add labs  especially for Sr. Secondary Streams with the motive to link their education with real life.

3.       In the field of Games & Sports, school shall construct an indoor Stadium cum Auditorium to facilitate the students.

4.       It will provide ultra modern teaching aids, computer education and other such facilities to make our students academically, culturally & socially aware.

For the above mentioned projects school shall mobilize Resources from fees collected from students, Voluntary Donations & aid from its managing body.

Grievance Redressal Committee:

     The Grievance Redressal Committee comprises of the Principal, senior faculties and a student representative. Any aggrieved student may make an application to The Principal at the Grievance Redressal Cell seeking redressal of grievance. The Grievance Redressal Cell shall receive the complaint and the committee shall fix a date for hearing the complaint and communicate its decision within seven days of receipt of complaint. The Grievance Redressal Committee shall be ensure disposal of every application as speedily as possible, and not later than one month of receipt of grievance. On the Conclusion of proceedings, the committee shall pass such order, as may be deemed fit to redress the grievance and provide relief as may be desirable to the affected party at issue. In case of false or frivolous complaint, the committee may take appropriate action against the complainant.

Sr. No. Members Designation Mobile No.
1 Mrs. Reetika Principal 8872654155
2 Mr. Rishikesh Teacher 9569915119
3 Amandeep Kaur Teacher 9530721611
4 Amandeep Singh Teacher 8727991647
5 Gurpreet Kaur Teacher 6284885799
6 Lakhwinder Singh(10th) Student Representative 9781979540
7 Prabhjeet Kaur Parent 9653158167
8 Nirmal Devi Social Worker 6283987310